About me

phd student, teacher, coach, mindfulness practitioner

This site is fueled by my PhD research, thoughts, and experiences with teaching and coaching academic writing at both the undergraduate and graduate level. I plan to update it regularly, but bear with me as I negotiate the learning curve and balance that comes along with academic blogging.

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Views on writing

I believe that writing can play a powerful role in resistance. We often like to separate writing from action but actually writing is an action, and a social one at that. Writing creates countries, defines identities, and dissolves borders. Even convoluted forms of writing have the power to shape thought, policy, and lives.

In academia, some forms of writing have more currency then others and not all forms of writing are valued equally. Why? 

This is what my SSHRC funded PhD research is about.  I take the writing that one group of people doPhD students (meta!)and consider how this writing speaks back to the frameworks (such as such as settler colonialism) that shape the experiences and lives of writers, and enacts process of resistance (like decolonial processes). 

Note: Here, and elsewhere, I challenge myself to move (when appropriate) beyond definitions of academic writing as strictly textual. To me, defining what academic writing is hinges on asking what academic writing does or what we want it to do. So, a dance can be a text, so can a classroom, a set of gestures and more.